“I highly recommend Chris if you choose to practice or learn Tai Ji. He is a sincere, trustworthy, reliable and very kind person. Most enjoyable and energy filled moments.  I regard him a great friend as well as a wonderful Tai Ji teacher."

Yuki S. 

Los Angeles, CA

"I regard myself to be such a Lucky person to have found Chris as my Tai Ji teacher! Whenever I practice Tai Ji with him, I am filled with beautiful QI 氣 and all my stresses are gone, I feel refreshed and energized all over again.

Chris is such a quality person who is always eager to learn and to deepen his practice every opportunity he has, and that quality makes him even more outstanding teacher!

I feel truly Blessed to have him as my Tai Ji teacher and I highly recommend him!"

Miko S. 

Los Angeles, CA

"I can count on one hand the number of people who have significantly influenced my life for the better. Chris Campbell is one of them. He an excellent t'ai chi teacher who teaches more than the movements by emphasizing the healing effects of cultivating energy, called qi/chi by the Chinese. Chris introduced me to the Yi Jing/I Ching and other classics which have opened whole new ways of enriching my life and started me on an ongoing journey seeking health and harmony. I feel so strongly about how beneficial Chris' workshops are that I paid for two of my tai ji students to attend one when they were unable to find the money for themselves. Even if it takes some effort to get to where Chris teaches, believe me, it is worth the effort to make it happen."

Dr. Buck Barnes

Buford, GA


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With over 20 years of sharing Senior Tai Ji & Seated Tai Ji. These creative programs enhance motor skills, breathing & well being through form, music & language.

Do you have a passion in your heart to share? Time for Tai Ji Teacher Training School will mentor you in excellence in establishing your teaching career. Plus help with marketing & class creation.

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"tai ji is a natural exercise, one that nurtures & enhances the immune system while it brings centeredness & balance to movement" 

​With over 30 years of taiji/qigong practice and 45 years of Chinese philosophy study, Chris has been a pioneer in sharing this healing exercise & related studies.  Focused on the healing side of practice, Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell has connected with thousands of people through classes, workshops, retreats, and workplace wellness seminars.

Bring a proven stress reducer & body awakening exercise of Tai Ji & Qi Gong to your resort, spa, hotel or workplace.  Time for Tai Ji has a wellness program for you. 

Time for Tai Ji online Tai Ji & Qi Gong courses ( online tai chi & chi kung courses ) provides a well rounded curriculum of study and practice for beginner to advanced students.

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