Essential Tai Ji & Qi Gong - Monthly SubscriptionEssential Tai Ji & Qi Gong will provide a comprehensive, fun & rewarding foundation of this healing practice for beginners, a depth of learning to go deeper for present students and a life long study for students of life. There will be over 22 video modules of learning you can view at your convenience on all your devices plus opportunity for one on one mentorship in your practice through live private & group classes.

Seated Essential Tai Ji & Qi Gong course of learning

Monthly Subscription for retirement communities - Assisted & Independant Living

A Dynamic Course of Tai Ji & Qi Gong plus language learning through Monthly DVDs, Live Classes & Access to in-depth On Line Tai Ji Library

Tai Ji & Qi Gong are becoming more popular  within the health community, particularly with Seniors and rightfully so.  These relaxing and flowing forms of exercise are perfect for the Senior body.  In a seated Tai Ji & Qi Gong format, this course also includes access to Time for Tai Ji’s full On Line library to standing form, philosophy & calligraphy of Tai Ji & Qi Gong.

Your Monthly Subscription Includes

Time for Tai Ji class dvd / month

Time for Tai Ji practice dvd / month

On Line access to Time for Tai Ji video library

Discount for Staff attending Time for Tai Ji Conferences, Seminars & Workshops

Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell    Is drawing upon 30 years of study & practice in this healing art of an exercise. This exciting course of learning is the most in-depth, fun and rewarding exercise for improved circulation, body balance & mental agility.