Time for tai ji with

T. Christopher campbell

Since the beginning of Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell, the long term goal was to develop a teachers school in order to be a mentor to those who wish to become teachers themselves.  With Mr. Campbell's wisdom & experience in the depth of practice coupled with his marketing savvy, the "time" has come to share and mentor to those who wish to continue the work.  This 180 credit hour program will inspire and provide the knowledge, tools & expertise to be a competent teacher.

Many of the credits will be earned through attending workshops & seminars during the year at beautiful venues with guest teachers there to share their expertise in Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Calligraphy, and other related Healing Arts.  Much more to come.

Tai ji / Qi Gong teacher training school

180 credit hour Essential Tai Ji/Qi Gong program

400 Credit Hour Deeper study program

640 Credit Hour Master Teacher program

with live Workshops, Seminars & retreats throughout the year & Augmented with online study

March 21st 2017 in Hillsdale, Michigan at Perennial Park from 1:00pm to 4:00pm this half day workshop is a perfect way to spend the Spring Equinox.

April 22nd 2017 is the first full day workshop of the year and will be held near beautiful Pokagon State Park in Angola, Indiana across the street at just as beautiful Trine State Recreation Area in the Swenson Lodge.

May 19th, 20th & 21st 2017 on Mackinac Island at the Mission Point Resort a special Tai Ji Conference designed to immerse in Nature as we practice Tai Ji/Qi Gong at this spectacular resort.

Contact Chris by phone 423-821-8947 or email timefortaiji@mac.com to receive more information on these and upcoming events.

With guest teachers being invited to share their expertise in their practice of Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Calligraphy, Music, Philosophy and other healing arts, this Tai Ji Teacher Training is one of a kind.   Visit Time for Tai Ji's Online Studio to view a free class.  If you are a teacher of Tai Ji/Qi Gong or related subjects and wish to share, please contact us and lets talk.

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