time for tai ji with

T. Christopher campbell

In 1998, Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell came to Atlanta, GA and pioneered taijji practice in corporations as a method of an employee benefit and as a stress management exercise.  Working with the employees of the home offices of corporations at Home Depot, Bell South, Kimberly-Clarke, to name a few, Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell was & is on the cutting edge of things to come with company benefits.  But there is more work to be done.

Along with servicing corporations at their locations, Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell travels to conferences and corporate retreats to provide this unique form of exercise that anyone can do.  With no special outfit to wear or having to lie on the floor, these taiji qigong sessions bring a smile to the participants and a relaxation in doing the form that brings groups together, gets them moving & breathing and most importantly, having fun.

Time For Tai Ji for Workplace Wellness & Stress Management Seminars

Employee appreciation programs

To build company morale and camaraderie, Time for Tai Ji has programs to do just that.  From a 30 minute break out program of Tai Ji breathing & movement during a long day of meetings to a themed Tai Ji experience taking the companies goals and integrating Tai Ji wisdom of movement, breathing & calligraphy symbols to inspire and motivate. Gift certificates are also available to employees to learn Tai Ji & Qi Gong.  To find out how Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell can be of service to you and your employees, contact us to set up a consultation.  Visit Time for Tai Ji's Online Studio for viewing of the free learning modules.

stress management seminars

Stress, more specific, how we deal with stress, effects our health on all levels.  Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell goal is to provide tools and practical options on how to deal with stress.  The creative & accessible way the seminar brings in the participants with the proven effectiveness of a Taiji/Qigong exercise, it will be a seminar with lasting benefits for the employees for a long time. To set up a seminar, contact us for an appointment.

resort, Spa & hotel programs

Do you have a conference planned and wish to augment the itinerary with a healthful & inspiring event?  Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell can create the perfect program to benefit your employees and their families.  If you are a resort, retreat center, spa or hotel, Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell can work with you to expand the services you provide to your clients and provide a unique relaxing service.  Contact us to talk further about your needs.

Visit Time for Tai Ji's Online studio to view for free the first four learning module lessons and information on how to enroll in a class series.