time for tai ji with

T. Christopher campbell

In 1998, Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell modified healing taiji & qigong forms to be natural for the Senior body & also to be naturally practiced in a chair.  Not only does this evidence based exercise stimulate blood flow & improved balance, it also works with motor skills & left/right brain thinking.  During the class the participants are taught the Chinese characters by playfully speaking them and seeing them written with brush & ink.  So many studies today are linking new language learning with improved cognitive skills and this unique class provides an opportunity for continued learning on many levels. 

Tai Ji Balance Exercise Therapy Classes

Seated & standing options

It is obvious how advantageous a Tai Ji & Qi Gong exercise is for Seniors & those in a chair.  Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell is a pioneer in Senior & Seated Tai Ji & Qi Gong practice and has developed the most creative combination of movement, music, breath work & relaxation with fun language learning.  Available to come to your facility to share in person with your residents or if you have an internet connection that can inputed to your big screen tv, you have 24 hour access to a video library of classes, plus you can schedule live-online classes at your convenience. For a free class, visit Time for Tai Ji's Online Studio.  Contact us for more information.

Activity/Life Enrichment directors  

taiji & qigong training Seminars

"Give a person a fish, feed them for a day.  Teach a person to fish, feed them for a lifetime."  This is a daoist motto that we have heard many times and it is based on beautiful premise.  Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell has a passion to train those who work with Seniors or assist people in chairs and has developed a program to quickly facilitate a viable Tai Ji/Qi Gong exercise program for you with long term follow up.  With Seminars being held throughout the year & around the country but also a Seminar can be brought to you.  Contact us to receive the upcoming Seminar schedule or to schedule Time for Tai Ji with T. Christopher Campbell to come to you.  

Visit Time for Tai Ji's Online studio for free classes and information on how to enroll in a class series.