Time For Tai Ji Online Tai Ji / Tai Chi / Qi Gong / Chi Kung Courses

    -Essential Taiji & qigong for natural good health, peace & relaxation

Live-online classes along with access to a video library of over 22 learning modules on the forms, calligraphy & philosophy to provide the Essential basics of practice.  A year course in study of the essential & practical healing benefits of Tai Ji & Qi Gong through video modules & live classes.  You will learn Taiji & Qigong forms to benefit from for the rest of your life and you will understand the natural philosophies & related arts that make it such a healing exercise. To view the free learning modules visit the Time for Tai Ji Online Studio.   Contact us for more information.

   -Continued exploration into taiji & qigong and related aspects

Continuing onward where the Essential series ends, this ongoing series will go deeper into the forms and continuing to expand our taiji language with more calligraphy of the Chinese characters of our practice & philosophical roots.  With this series, you get full access to video library from the Essential series plus new learning modules on our extended long form of taiji and many options for live-online classes & practice.  Contact us for more information.

   -Extended learning

Taiji & Qigong conferences, workshops & seminars will be happening throughout the year at some beautiful destinations like Taos New Mexico, Mackinaw Island, MI, Chattanooga, TN and Arcata/Eureka in Northern California.  At these conferences, teachers with unique skills will be invited to share and will give their healing perspective to practice.  Credit hours will be given towards the Tai Ji Teacher Training curriculum for participation in these events.  Contact us for more information.

Visit Time for Tai Ji's Online studio to view free learning module lessons and information on how to enroll in a class series.



T. Christopher campbell

From a young age, a FASCINATION with chinese culture began with a laughing buddha statue that he kept on a dresser along with yi Jing sticks and a book of confucius sayings.  Growing up in the early 70's, the t.v. show kung fu resonated deeply, but as others where kung fu fighting, he was meditating and contemplating the philosophical wisdom.  Graduated from central michigan university with a B.S. in business ADMINISTRATION,  he filled his electives with chinese philosophy, history and meditation classes and has continued the ongoing learning to this day.  In 1988, the taiji journey officially began with the study of shaolin taiji with master thomas smith at the Shaolin Temple in Westland, MI.  in 1997, Chris transitioned into teaching tai ji as a  full time position, first in michigan sharing at hillsdale College in Hillsdale, mI and foote hospital in jackson, mi. then in 1998 moved to atlanta ga. where he was teaching  as many as 26 classes a week.  in 1999, he began study with master chungliang al huang of the living tao foundation.  in him he found a teacher who encompassed the full spectrum of learning that he has been following since the beginning of his practice.  Tai ji is an expression of form, philosophy, calligraphy, poetry and music, it is an expression of life.  from 1999 through 2013 he devouted his practice to living tao learning, with the last four years being the seminar coordinator & teacher at the Living tao teacher training seminars in gold beach, or.  Now Time for tai ji with T. Christopher Campbell is focused in sharing this healing philosophy of an exercise through  online courses along with live workshops & seminars around the world.  contact us if you wish to organize a workshop or seminar in your area.